The notion of Chaos today is synonym to confusion and disorder. In the past though, ancient Greek Philosophers, thought highly of Chaos and considered it fundamental to the creation of Cosmos, that is, the Universe. Chaos was the original matter that transformed the "abnormal" uniformity of nature into "normal" diversity.

We witness Chaos in its scientific meaning in numerous situations in everyday life: smoke rising up smoothly into the air and suddenly vanishing, unexpected traffic in a Highway road, irregular leaking of a tap, inexplicable fluctuations of the Stock Market Index and many more instances explained mostly by this Theory of Chaos.

Chaos resides in our daily routine. No matter how hard we fight for harmony and well-being in our life, we frequently face hardships and difficulties that break the order.

This year's TEDx NTUA makes an attempt to apply the Theory of Chaos to our individual quest for orderly life.


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TEDxNTUA 2018 will take place at the Athens Planetarium. The Planetarium is located at 387 Syggrou Avenue, just under 7 minutes on foot from the nearest bus station. Access via public transport: